Wednesday, 25 May 2011

About The Cycles

Hello my lovelies! Right so I'm here to tell you about the cycles that ENTM produce and make for you to compete in.

There are 10 tasks in 1 Cycle. There will only be one winner in task 10 though. You will have a certain amount of time to complete your work that has been set for you. You must not critisize other people's work. You can not anger or upset other members or the judges; if you feel the judges were unfair contact me, personally.

With this said about the judges; the way we will judge you is like this: each judge will write a comment or two about your work; what they liked about it, what they didnt and what they think you should improve on. After we all do that (the judges) we must give each of you a final mark. Then we will mean your average mark and present to you your marks.

I have decided that we will all have a staff meeting. As in the past, present judges, but I will not be able to attend due to the fact I have long study periods so the Co-owner, manager and the only judge that will always be a judge, Georgia will host the meetings. Most of them will be on msn.

See, not so bad? :] Now, I'd like to make one thing clear; you HAVE to try and impress us judges, but the person you should most be thinking about is Georgia. She's got this intent personality habit. She will expect great things from you.

Anyways, I hope this helps!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Want To Be A ENTM?

ENTM once again welcome's you to our blog. Here is where you can sign the forum to apply to be in with a chance of winning Europe's Next Top Model. We look through all your applications and will give reasons to us not accepting. We will also be electing judges by ourselves. So if you want to be a judge contact me or our main judge (GeorgiaMacknes) on stardoll mail. Each judge is important and you must impress them. There will be 4 new judges each cycle (there are 10 tasks in each cycle; which is why ENTM is so unique). So apply to be a model or a judge; you can only have one though!

Apply To Be A Model:

Surname *optional*:
Describe Your Style In 2 Words:
Will You Be Active?

Apply To Be A Judge:

Will You Be Active?
Describe Your Style In 3 Words:

Welcome To ENTM

Europe's Next Top Model is an Only (African's are allowed) European Modelling Agency for Stardoll. It was founded on the 22nd of May 2011 by Ellie Middles and is now owned by Ellie. Only European's (or African's) may enter; this has nothing to do with race hate or discrimination, simply just out of interest of Europe and Africa. Girls and Boys are accepted. People from Africa may also apply too. This group is 100% Copyright to Ellie Middles.

Europe's Next Top Model is one of the most daring modelling agency that Stardoll has; here we only choose the finest and best quality models all around Europe. Only people from Europe (and Africa) may be accepted, but you must be not only European (Or African); but beautiful, creative, active, imaginative and kind. We follow only by three laws of modelling; No racism, Be active always and Enjoy yourself. These rules must be followed at all times.

You must be confident in your work and you must thrive to your full potential, if you have any concerns or worries with your work, modelling or anything else. Please confront me by stardoll (entm). We strive to make our model's feel comfortable and at their best, we will fire anyone who is caught being un-active or lazy. If you are having personal issue's contact me about it on stardoll mail.

We thank you for your visit and hope that you will be successful in your applying to be one of our models. As soon as the club is released we will start posting tasks and giving you updates, for more information please contact me. We will be accepting both male and female models; but you must be between the ages 11 and onwards. We hope you understand.

We hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for visiting, the club will be released on one of the judges account's, we hope you may understand this as well. We shall tell you more about the club as the date to create and release it is upon us. But for now; enjoy this little letter and be prepared for ENTM, it's gonna be a blast!

P.S You may sign up to be a model or a judge now in the post "Want to be a ENTM?"